We will take extraordinary measures to market and sell your DC REO listings. We pride ourselves in reaching a maximum number of prospects through aggressive marketing that includes a robust internet presence with an individual website with the address as web address as an anchor and lead generator, with paid premium placement on sites such as REALTOR.Com. In addition to internet marketing we used targeted direct mail to 500 neighbors the first week to kick the sale off quickly and to create buzz in the neighborhood, plus advertise each listing in a bi-monthly real estate investor newsletter that reaches 5000 Washington DC landlords that we have produced for thirteen years.
With so much of current real estate promotion being dependent on digital photography we use state of the art wide angle capabilities and photo enhancement software to make your property look its best and to fully catalog all of the property features for a quick sale. We strive to provide attractive, informative, and interesting photos using all the maximum photos allowed in MLS and internet advertising.
As important, we direct substantial marketing efforts to reach out to other REALTORS to solicit their cooperation, and we work with them fully to get you the quickest sale.